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Montgomery ISD Online Forms Montgomery ISD 2016/2017
The Montgomery Independent School District athletic department would like to thank you for taking part in our new process of accepting the required athletic participation forms electronically. We will no longer use a hard copy of the UIL forms.

**The only hard copies that will be accepted are the physical exam / medical history that will be available for pick up at the front offices of the Middle School, Jr. High, Ninth Grade, and High School Campuses.

General Electronic Form Instructions:

1. In order to submit online paperwork appropriately, you will be asked to provide information such as home phone number, cell phone numbers, email address, name of primary physician, and other pertinent information. It is very important you have this information available during the time you plan on completing these forms.

2. Remember: It is important that you and your child fill out and sign ALL required spaces. Forms will not be accepted electronically if the forms are not completed correctly.

3. No student will be able to participate in an athletic period, practice, or games if these forms are not completed and processed. This is a University Interscholastic League rule.

4. To begin, click on the form name and fill out the information requested. It is important you have your student ID number available as it is required on each form. Please make sure that if your student ID begins with a zero you do not input the zero. (Example: ID# 01234 only input 1234). If you do not know the answer to a question, please answer the question with N/A or none.

5. To sign a document, click inside the signature box and hold your mouse down, this will allow you to create an “Electronic Signature”. If you make a mistake and need to start over click on the refresh icon next to the signature box. If you are using a touch screen device, you may create an electronic signature, by holding your finger to the screen and signing your name or by using a stylus.

6. The hard copy of your physical form must be turned in to your student’s campus athletic department.